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Karla V.

Karla Ventura.

Mount Ida College

Home: El Salvador

“A Boston-based education offers unlimited opportunities”


Originally from El Salvador, Karla chose to pursue a degree incorporating communications and fashion. She immersed herself in video production and secured a plum internship with NewTV in Newton, Massachusetts. "A Boston-based education offers unlimited opportunities" she says. In her spare time, she founded the Student Association for Latinos and Spanish Americans (SALSA) and still managed to work with Volunteers in Action (VIA) and Habitat for Humanity during two spring breaks.


Kendrys V.

Kendrys V.

Merrimack College

Home: Dominican Republic

“People in the city are willing to accept diversity and change and different perspectives”


Originally from the Dominican Republic, Kendries is one of the founders and president of the Latino Club at Merrimack, as well as actively involved in Club Asia and the Italian Club. “I’m really interested in diversity, and I am able to immerse myself in different cultures, as opposed to just the Dominican culture.”

When Kendrys steps off campus, he finds numerous opportunities to sate his cultural curiosity. “When I go to Boston, it’s lovely. You find everything there. All the restaurants you want, everything. I feel like people in the city are willing to accept diversity and change and different perspectives. All the students are open to you, and want to learn about you,” he says.” For those students who may be nervous about coming to school in Boston, Kendrys has this to say: “Here, there is una familia.”


Shekib A.

Shekib Ahmed

Bentley University

Home: Dibrugarh, India

“Boston broadens my horizons in the real world”


His dream is to make the world better, and Shekib put his Managerial Economics major to good use in Boston's international realm. Working as a consultant in Reebok’s Human Rights Department in Canton, he monitored the company’s human-rights performance at factories around the globe. “We have many non-governmental organizations around Boston, not only national but international ones which makes it a lot easier to find this kind of work,” he says. “It broadens my horizons in the real world, and job opportunities in the international arena increase tremendously.


Carey G.

Carey Goo

Northeastern University

Home: Hawaii

“I love hanging out on the Common ”


We don¹t have huge parks in Hawaii, so I really like spending time in the Public Garden and at Boston Common. I think it’s my favorite place in the city. The gardens are so beautiful in the summer and it’s all lit up with little white lights on the trees in the winter.


Claude Z.

Claude Z.

Emerson College

Home: New York

“There's so much energy here”


I go to school at Emerson but I have friends on many other campuses in the city and we meet up all the time. Boston is so young and there’s so much energy here. You can walk down the street and find a bunch of teenagers living the experience - just like you.


Danielle C.

Danielle C.

Boston University

Home: California

“I’ve met students from around the world”


The city is gorgeous and everyone is so friendly. I remember on my first day here I met people from Europe, China, Saudi Arabia, Argentina… it is amazing how many international students go to school in the area.


Darius Z.

Darius Z

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Home: Los Angeles

“There's always something interesting to do”


Boston is a manageable city but it still has tons of culture and so much going on. The other day I was walking through a neighborhood and there was some random street festival with people dancing and music. There are concerts and great museums. I just have to go out in the city to find something fun to do.


David S.

David S.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Home: Vermont

“We mix it up”


"Boston is such a college town...when we have events on our campus there are always kids from at least four to five other schools. Students mix socially all the time which makes it fun."


Erin K.

Erin K.

Emerson College

Home: Pennsylvania

“I feel safe in Boston”


"I’m not a city girl, but it¹s really easy to get around on the subway. The “T” is right outside of our dorm and we take it all the time. The other night it was late and we walked home through the city and it was lit up with lots of people around. I feel safe here."


Jeff T.

Jeff Thibodeau

Bentley University

Home: Rhode Island

“In Boston, word travels really fast, and you get recognized.”


As a marketing major, this Rhode Island native found himself a hot prospect in the Boston marketplace. After getting internship offers from numerous local companies, he accepted an internship at the Boston office of the international ad agency, Arnold Worldwide. Working in brand development and business strategy, he analyzed the U.S. automobile market, with his findings going directly to Arnold’s chief executive officer.

“There are just a ton of opportunities in Boston. It’s one of the best cities in the United States,” he says. “In Boston, word travels really fast, and you get recognized.”


Sarah M.

Sarah M.

Boston University

Home: California

“Four chances to start anew”


"I really love the seasons in New England. We don’t have them in San Diego and it’s beautiful here when the leaves turn or snow is falling. My favorite fall event is the Pumpkin Fest at City Hall. They have 1,000’s of lit jack-o-lanterns on display in the plaza around Halloween. It’s really cool to see.."


Sean H.

Sean H.

Boston College

Home: New Jersey

“History comes alive in the city”


"I chose Boston because it’s the birthplace of our nation and, being a history guy, I really like that. The Freedom Trail is really amazing because it takes you to so many historic sites that are integrated into the fabric of busy city life."


Sophie W.

Sophie W.

Wheaton College

Home: Oregon

“I’ve got the best of both worlds here”


I go to school on a beautiful suburban campus with the tree lined quad and quiet streets, but I can easily visit the city any time for adventure. We have a shuttle that runs regularly from our campus into Boston. I have the best of both worlds here.


Stacey S.

Stacey Sweeny

Boston University

Home: Colorado

“It’s the most fulfilling volunteer experience I've ever had”


"It’s the most fulfilling volunteer experience I've ever had,” said Stacey Sweeny of her work with the Burton Chill program. Founded in 1995, by snowboarder guru Jake Burton, Chill provides 100 under-served kids from Boston the opportunity to learn how to snowboard every winter. College volunteers get a chance to help these children gain confidence and mastery of the sport, all while participating in an activity they love. Although driving out to Wachusett Mountain on a school night is not always easy, for Stacey it was worth it. “You develop a real relationship with the kids as you teach them,” said Sweeny.”


Tasmiah C.

Tasmiah C.

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Home: India

“Always trying something new”


"I love going to school in Boston. One of my favorite things is trying different restaurants with friends. We’ve sampled every cuisine imaginable: Ethiopian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Tibetan...you name it. And they’re all great!"


Bianca S.

Bianca Sanchez

The Boston Conservatory

Home: California

“Boston is such a huge college town. We have students coming from all over America and the world.”


Bianca left her Mexican-American family in Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of a musical-theater career. Despite the fact she was thousands of miles from home and in a strange city, she immediately fit right in. “Boston is such a huge college town. We have students coming from all over America and the world,” she says. “There’s no push for any culture, for any race. It’s a big city, but you still don’t get a big city feel...I’ve never felt invisible here.”


Karen R.

Karen Robertson.

Wellesley College

Home: California

“Students don’t have to fit their identities into a neat little check box”


Identifying as mixed race, Karen felt she didn’t fit perfectly into any of the ethnicity options listed on her application, nor did she feel comfortable in many of the race-delineated minority student groups on campus. Luckily, she found Fusion, a Wellesley College group designed to facilitate discussions on campus about multicultural, multilingual, international and mixed-race issues, one of several mixed-race student groups at colleges and universities all around the Boston area. Here she found a community talking about issues of identity, perception and communication that she felt were unique to mixed-race students. “You could really feel empowered here,” she says. “I was able to say what I wanted to, but be in a safe place to do so.”