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Finding a College for You: Is Boston a Good Fit?

Trying to find a college that suits you? The location of any college is a huge factor. After all, this is the place you’ll spend the next four years of your life…so be an educated consumer!

Before you leave home to visit any school you’re interested in, be sure to do some research. Poke around their website. Google the city or town they're located in. What does it offer? Entertainment? Dining? Outdoor activities?. Obviously, all the schools located in and around Boston have the city and New England within reach. To help you get a sense of what life will be like in Boston, here are a few questions you might ask your tour guide or admission counselor:

Are there shuttles into Boston? Public transportation? Do I need a car?

Do students regularly go into the city or stay around campus?

Are there college sponsored student discounts for sporting and cultural events in Boston?

What kind of nightlife is available on or near campus?

What restaurants are near campus?

Is there cross-registration at other area schools?

Are there student organizations that connect with students at other campuses?

Are there companies that work with the college to provide internships?

What percentage of students live off-campus? Where do they live? Is it easy to get to campus?

What else is there to do in the area? Beaches, Skiing, hiking, etc.

What is the admission staffer's favorite place to hang out in Boston and why did he/she choose to attend school in the area?