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Why Parents Love Boston

Boston is a fantastic for students... and a great destination for visiting parents!

Being a parent of a soon-to-be college student comes with its own set of challenges. Naturally, some of our priorities are different than those of our independent teens. But somehow more than 250,000 students have chosen one of the 50+ colleges in the area – presumably with their parents blessing!

There’s a reason why so many students and their families can agree on a Boston area school...it’s  because of the great quality of life here. Whether located directly in the city or its surrounding suburbs, Boston plays an important role on every campus in the area. The opportunities available in the city are open to all students, and the students are literally integrated into the fabric of the city.

On the streets of Boston, one in every five people is either a student, teacher or on staff at an area school.  Local businesses cater to the student population, and hire them too. There are internships available in just about every industry and community service opportunities galore.

There are many reasons Boston is beloved by both enrolled students and their parents. Here are a few more to consider:

History: It’s everywhere, and the old architecture is gorgeous.

Transportation: The “T” is easy to use and accessible throughout the city. You don’t need a car.

Culture: Boston has amazing cultural resources and a thriving arts community.  There are lots of free events!

Internships: Boston-area companies have a long history of training and hiring undergrads.

Boston Harbor and the Charles River: Beautiful to look at, fun to explore.

Fantastic restaurants: Ethnic, eclectic, nouvelle: it’s all here

Winning sports teams: Boston was ranked as America’s Best Sports City in 2009.

Skiing, Hiking & Beaching: In under an hour you can catch a wave, carve a hill or hike a mountain.

Community Service: Non-profit organizations rely heavily on the energy and drive of the local student population.

Four seasons:  Four beautiful chances to start anew.

Multiculturalism: Boston has more international students per capita than any major city including New York and 75% of its 14-17 year old residential population is of African, Asian or Latino descent.

Cross-campus integration:  Boston is a hub for students from all the surrounding campuses. It’s easy to meet new friends or connect with old ones.