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Location Matters

How a Boston Location Factors into College Choice

Check out more than just the campus before you decide

Whether your teen is a freshman or a senior, the “campus visit” remains the best information gathering tool out there. Whether you're visiting Boston-area schools or a college in Timbuktu, the time you spend on-campus only tells part of the story. Exploring the surrounding city or town is an equally important part of the equation. In fact, “location” is one of the top three influencing factors in most students’ choice of school, along with “price” and “prestige.”  When evaluating the surrounding city or town consider the following:


Music, museums, sports, theater, film, multiculturalism


Top industries and businesses, internship opportunities, non-profit environment

Quality of Life: 

Local entertainment, outdoor activities, restaurants, community service opportunities, beauty (natural or man-made), weather, air quality, etc.


Public transportation, need for a car, school-based transport, biking, community safety


How does Boston rank??